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How do I check my scheduled installation timing?
<p>At <a href="">Check your Singtel Appointment</a>, you can check the details of your installation appointment. Your assigned engineer details will also be available on the day of your appointment.</p>
How can I change my installation appointment?
<p>You can change your Singtel installation appointment at <a href=""/>My Account</a> (under ‘My Appointments’).</p><p>Appointment changes can only be made at least 2 days before your appointment.</p><p>For change of NetLink Trust appointments, please call 1688.</p>

Singtel TV Account and Content

How do I purchase Video on Demand on Singtel TV?
<p>Video on Demand (VOD) can easily be accessed via the Singtel TV Remote Control. Visit <a href=""/>Video on Demand</a> for available programmes.</p><p>If you wish to buy a channel that is not part of your existing package, you may be required to sign up for a different plan. Call 1609 to speak with our call agent.</p>
How do I retrieve my Singtel TV number?
<p>There are a few ways to retrieve your Singtel TV number:</p><ul><li>On your Singtel TV remote control, press Menu button. Select My Channels and press OK, it would appear in this line “TV Service number: xxxxxxxx”<li>On My Singtel app, log in with OnePass and click on “VIEW ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS”, you will see “TV XXXXXXXX” <li>On My Singtel app, log in with OnePass and tap on “Bills” and “View Bills”, scroll down your eBill and lookout for “Singtel TV XXXXXXXX”</ul>
What are the supported devices for Singtel TV GO?
<p>You can view the latest list of supported iOS and Android devices at <a href=""/>Singtel TV GO - List of Compatible Devices</a>.</p>
How do i ensure that my children are not exposed to R21 content?
A R21 Pin is required to access restricted content on your Singtel TV set-top box or on Singtel TV GO.<br><br> To acquire the pin, call 1688 or visit any <a href="">Singtel Shop</a>.<br><br>See:<ul><li><a href=/content/dam/singtel/personal/support/singtel-tv/R21_PIN_how.pdf>R21 Pin set-up guide</a></li><li><a href=/content/dam/singtel/personal/support/singtel-tv/R21%20Pin%20FAQs.pdf>FAQs on R21 Pin</a></li></ul>

Device Issues

My remote control is not working. What should I do?
<p>First, check if the battery needs a replacement.</p><p>If it does not work, you should bring along your faulty remote control for a 1 to 1 exchange at any <a href="">Singtel Shop</a> (excluding Singtel Exclusive Retailers) or <a href=""/>+Serv service centers</a>.</p>

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