How do I change my home line number?
To change the number of your Home Line or Home Digital Line, you can visit any Singtel Shop, or call 1688 to speak with a call agent. Charges will depend on the type of number that is being requested, and requests will take 3 working days to process. Only the registered account holder may write in to request a change of number, and all accounts must have no outstanding balance before the change of number is processed.
How do I sign up for a new Telephone Service?
<p>You may walk in to any <a href="">Singtel Shop</a> to apply for a new telephone line.</p><p>Singtel customers with existing telephone lines can also call 1688 and speak to our call agents.</p>
I am going overseas for a few months. Can I temporarily suspend my Home Line or Home Digital Line?
<p>To suspend your line temporarily, please walk in to any of our <a href="">Customer Service Counters</a> to make your request.</p><p>Your monthly telephone service and any value-added services subscriptions will continue while your line is temporarily suspended.</p>
How do I transfer ownership for my Singtel services?
<p>For <b>postpaid mobile plans</b>, visit My Account and select ‘Transfer Ownership’. The other party must have an OnePass account to make the transfer.</p><br><p>For <b>all other services</b>, visit any <a href="">Singtel Shop</a> to make the transfer. Both parties must be present with personal identification documents.</p>
How do I change my Home Line to a Home Digital Line?
You may walk in to any Singtel Shop to port your existing Home Line number to Home Digital Line. An installation will be scheduled to set up your Home Digital and your fixed line number will be retained at no extra charge.
What are the Telephony Value Added Services available for my Home Line / Home Digital Line?
There are several Value-Added Services (VAS) available to enhance your communication experience: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forward, Calling Number Non-Display Service, 3-Way Calling, VoiceMail and Phone Lock. Click <a href="">here</a> to find out more about our Value-Added Services.
How do I sign up for the Telephony Value Added Service(s)?
You may apply for the Value-Added Service(s) when you sign up for a new Home Line / Home Digital Line. If you have an existing Home Line / Home Digital Line, you may walk in to any Singtel Shop or call 1688 to sign up.

How do I make an overseas call from Singapore on my Singtel postpaid mobile or Singtel Home Line/ Home Digital Line?
<p>Any of the following Singtel IDD services allow you to make an overseas call from Singapore:</p><ul><li>v019<br/>Overseas calls at attractive low rates</li><li>IDD 001<br/>High call quality at reasonable rates</li></ul><p>These calling services are available at your convenience and do not require subscription, but need to be activated for your line.</p>

How do I set up my Home Digital Line service?
<a id="r-96" class="spacer-top line-button button light round registrationButton" tabindex="11" href="" target="_self">Get started</a>

What are the different types of Special Numbers?
The types of Special Numbers include:<ul><li>Golden Numbers: There are 3 categories of Golden Numbers. GN1 numbers end with "XXXX". GN2 numbers end with "1818", "1288", "1388", "6688", etc. GN3 numbers end with "1234", "5678", "1628" or mirror numbers like "6ABC6ABC", "6ABB6ABB".<li>Alpha Numbers: Numbers that correspond to words. (E.g. 1800-SINGTEL.)<li>Diamond Numbers: Numbers that appear as “XXXABBA”, “XXXABBB”.<li>Choice Numbers: Numbers that appear as “XXXABCC”.</ul>
How do I sign up for a Fixed Line Special Number?
You may call our hotline 1688 or walk into any Singtel Shop to enquire about the availability of a number and make your purchase.
Can I retain the Special Number and activate it later?
You are advised to activate the Number within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. You can also reserve the Number for up to 12 months, subject to a monthly reservation fee.
How long does it take to activate the Special Number?
With an existing Home Line / Home Digital Line service, you can select a date to activate the newly purchased Special Number within 14 days of purchase. If you do not have an existing line with us, you may call 1609 or visit any Singtel Shop to sign up.
Can I keep my Special Number for life after the one-time payment?
Yes, you can keep the Special Number for life and there is no subsequent charge beyond the one-time payment. <br><br>For more details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions <a href="/content/dam/singtel/personal/support/telephony/Terms%20and%20Conditions%20for%20Special%20Numbers.pdf">here</a>.
Can I transfer the ownership of my Special Number?
A written request for the transfer of ownership is required, subject to Singtel’s approval.<br><br> For more details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions <a href="/content/dam/singtel/personal/support/telephony/Terms%20and%20Conditions%20for%20Special%20Numbers.pdf">here</a>.
Who is eligible to purchase the Golden/Special Number from Singtel?
All new customers and existing Singtel customers are eligible to purchase Golden/Special Number from Singtel.
Where can I check the availability of Singtel Golden Numbers?
You may call the hotline to check on the availability of the Golden Numbers.
Is there any promotion or discount on the Golden Numbers for the GN1 and GN2 category?
There are no promotion or discount for Singtel Golden Numbers.
Can I swap a Special Number I have purchased for another Special Number?
Once payment is made for the Special number, no changes to the selected special number is allowed.
Can I reserve a Golden or Special Number before the purchase?
Yes. You can reserve a Golden Number for not more than 90 days. Reservation on the selected Golden number will be automatically released.
Will I receive a notification on the release of the Golden Number reservation?
As the system will cancel the reservation after 90 days, no notification will be sent.
Can I purchase numbers ending with ‘99’, ‘999’, ‘9999’ and ‘0000’?
Numbers ending with ‘9999’ and ‘0000’ are reserved for national interest use.<br><br>Numbers ending with ‘99’ and ‘999’ are reserved for operator’s test lines.

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