How do I change my home line number?
<p>To change the number of your home line, you can visit any Singtel Shop, or call 1688 to speak with a call agent.</p><p>Charges will depend on the type of number that is being requested, and requests will take 3 working days to process.</p><p>Only the registered account holder may write in to request a change of number, and all accounts' must have no outstanding balance before the change of number is processed.</p>
How do I sign up for a new Telephone Service?
<p>You may walk in to any <a href=""/>Singtel Shop</a> to apply for a new telephone line.</p><p>Singtel customers with existing telephone lines can also call 1688 and speak to our call agents.</p>
I am going overseas for a few months. Can I temporarily suspend my home line?
<p>To suspend your line temporarily, please walk in to any of our <a href=""/>Customer Service Counters</a> to make your request.</p><p>Your monthly telephone service and any value-added services subscriptions will continue while your line is temporarily suspended.</p>
How do I transfer ownership for my Singtel services?
<p>For <b>postpaid mobile plans</b>, visit My Account and select ‘Transfer Ownership’. The other party must have an OnePass account to make the transfer.</p><br><p>For <b>all other services</b>, visit any <a href="">Singtel Shop</a> to make the transfer. Both parties must be present with personal identification documents.</p>

International Calling (IDD Calls)

How do I make an overseas call from Singapore on my Singtel postpaid mobile or Singtel home line?
<p>Any of the following Singtel IDD services allows you to make an overseas call from Singapore:</p><ul><li>v019<br/>Overseas calls at attractive low rates</li><li>IDD 001<br/>High call quality at reasonable rates</li></ul><p>These calling services are available at your convenience and do not require subscription, but need to be activated for your line.</p>
How can I activate my Singtel IDD services?
The steps to activate your Singtel IDD services depends on your service provider:<ul><li>If you are applying for your Singtel mobile or fixed line, call 1688</li><li>If you are applying for your StarHub or M1 line, call 104</li></ul>

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