Pick a provider with proven success and experience – like Trustwave

Trustwave offers consulting and professional services that match you with the best-suited specialists to develop a cybersecurity success plan, enabling your team to focus on business goals.

Quick & efficient

Trustwave experts provide succinct and fast responses to cyber-attacks and complex incidents.

Saves time & money

Investing in cybersecurity proactively saves time, money and resources in the long run.

Hands-on expertise

Experienced global specialists provide clarity and deliver advanced industry knowledge.

Our advisory, assurance and professional capabilities

Security expertise on strategy, governance, risk and compliance.

Cyber advisory


High-level advisory to boards and top management on strategy, governance, compliance, and security to maximise security investments.

Start maximising your investments

Diagnostic services


Highly-targeted assessments of security maturity, threat detection and response, supply chain risk, and cloud security to deliver a priority roadmap.

Access your security programme

Digital forensics & incident response


Incident investigators on call 24x7x365 globally, providing fully defensible legal and insurance capability.

Investigate further

Penetration testing


Adhere to technical and management demands with CREST accredited penetration testing and red teaming, conducted by Trustwave SpiderLabs.

Uncover security gaps

Cyber architecture and integration


Benefit from expertly designed, built and optimised solutions to mitigate cloud and enterprise threats.

Build a robust security strategy

Security colony


Access a library of frameworks and best practices, developed by hundreds of peer organisations, to common security challenges.

Gain access to resource

Cyber advisory

Trustwave consultants provide advice on cybersecurity strategy, governance, risks, and compliance to rally internal executive support, maximise investments, and address security gaps.

Strategy & roadmaps


Develop plans to improve your security posture efficiently and effectively.


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Fill any gaps in your security team with our seasoned professionals.



Achieve baseline security standards and work to close existing gaps.

Board advisory


Help to gain board support and understanding of threats and risks.

ISMS consulting


Design and implement systems to manage risk to information assets.

Supply chain risk


Assess and manage the cyber risk posed by your suppliers.



Ensure compliance with security standards, including CMMC & IRAP.

Security awareness


Raise cyber awareness by educating company-wide.

25 years+ experience

As an industry-recognised leader, our reputation and experience help protect you and your company.

Built on industry standards

Methodologies built on industry standards (NIST, ISO, PCI, CMMC and more) with the addition of Trustwave’s years of experience and expertise.

Long term relationships

We’re in it for the long haul, by your side implementing the recommendations, so we’re not just writing shelfware.

Project and quality management

Ensuring stakeholder satisfaction with formalised project management processes, and detailed quality management systems.

Regulation and compliance

Trustwave experts provide succinct and fast responses to cyber-attacks and complex incidents.

Global reach

We are where you are with services across 96 countries, supporting over 200,000+ customers, and regional HQs in North America, Europe, Asia and Pacific territories.

Diagnostic services

Highly-targeted cybersecurity assessments to help determine your ability to manage risks and threats, and build a successful security roadmap.

Security maturity diagnostic service


Evaluate your security programme to understand your biggest risks and where to allocate resources effectively.

Supply chain risk diagnostic service


Analyse and address inbound and outbound cyber risks from your organisation’s supplier base, using proven strategies.

Threat detection and response diagnostic service


Leverage first-hand experience to mitigate advanced threats in today’s evolving threat landscape.

Cloud security diagnostic service


Understand the current risks and gaps in your cloud security and plan their resolution.

Find out more

Proven methodologies

Time-tested methodology delivered by pragmatic industry experts.

Efficient delivery

Findings presented quickly – often within weeks – so you can spend more time on solutions.

Standards based

Expert advice based on industrystandard frameworks, including NIST CSF and the CSA CCM.

Tailored advice

Strategic roadmaps based on the cyber risks unique to your business and industry.

End-to-end support

Get help where and when you need it – from start to implementation – with seamless support.

Business value

Facilitate executive buy-in by clearly articulating financial justification of your security roadmap.

Digital forensics and incident response

A team of global investigators on call 24x7x365. They’ll help you quickly determine the source, cause and extent of a security breach and provide fully defensible legal and insurance capability.

Readiness and detection assessment


Evaluates your ability to detect and respond to incidents, including security gap analysis and action plans.

Incident response plan development


Develops and documents an appropriate and comprehensive incident response process.

Data exposure investigation


Searches for exposed client data on the Dark Web and public internet sources.

Table top exercises


Improves your Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) without any disruption to operations.

Attack simulation


Assesses your ability to respond to a real incident by orchestrating real-time simulated attack scenarios.

DFIR training


Delivers established or custom courses with seasoned SpiderLabs security professionals.

Experts on-hand

Supported by Trustwave SpiderLabs experts with extensive cyberattack experience, using the tools and techniques employed by today’s advanced attackers.

Litigate with confidence

Expert digital evidence handling to protect chain-of-custody evidence of a digital crime.

24x7 Global response

Immediate response to limit exposure, contain losses and preserve evidence.complex incidents.

Get the board on board

Create a board of directors ready structured and well prepared for when an incident arises.

Flexible service delivery

Access the service you need – whether it be an emergency response team or proactive preparation – when you need it.

Legal & insurance defensibility

Ensure full alignment to global security and insurance best practices, if a breach arises.

Penetration testing

Proactive end-to-end testing to better prepare for potential attacks.

Unmatched experience

With more than 25 years of experience, qualified research and 150 SpiderLabs researchers and testers, Trustwave resources are unmatched.

Saves time & money

Thousands of proprietary findings and 120+ proprietary methodologies from over the years saves customer’s time, money and resources in the long run.

Recognised industry leader

Leader across the three leading industry research firms– Gartner, IDC, and Forrester – emerging at the top for the SC Media Innovation awards, while being the first global CREST member to identify 120+ CVEs and TTPs.

Cyber architecture and integration

Tailored solutions and operating models designed and built to mitigate cloud and enterprise threats.

Optimised security toolset

Align your security programme to business cyber risks, in addition to enhancing detection and response capabilities.

Drive business innovation and growth

Meticulously assess security operations and tailor the right transformation approach, based on business objectives.

Adapt to the evolving threat landscape

Navigate threats posed by an evolving attack surface, new technologies and regulations, mergers and acquisitions and geographic expansions.

Empower your team

Collaborate with us to remediate gaps in your transformation roadmap, develop processes and dashboards, and optimise technologies critical to your programme.

Trustwave security colony

Kick start your security programme by accessing resources and solutions, developed by hundreds of peer organisations, to address the cyber challenges you face today.

Document & video libraries


Wide array of training and resources to improve security understanding and address information security issues.

Vendor risk assessment


Search for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in your Internet-facing domains and of those selected vendors.

Maturity assessment


NIST CSF-based assessment to assess security maturity and provide guidance and recommendations for improvement.

Breach monitor


Daily breach monitoring to notify you when your domain appears on the dark web.

Security forum


A private security forum offering accurate, fast and succinct advice from security consultants.

Awards & Accolades

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