Pick a provider with proven success and experience

Singtel offers consulting and professional services that match you with the best-suited specialists to develop a cyber security success plan, enabling your team to focus on business goals.

Quick & efficient

Singtel’s cyber experts provide succinct and fast responses to cyber-attacks and complex incidents.

Save time & money

Investing in cyber security ensures resource efficiency in the long run.

Hands-on expertise

Gain clarity and advanced industry knowledge with experienced global cyber security specialists.

Our advisory, assurance and professional capabilities

Security expertise in strategy, governance, risk and compliance.

Maintenance services

Keep software applications and hardware in check, adhering to SLA with our onsite / offsite maintenance support and let Singtel be your Single-point-of-escalation (SPOE) to bridge your vendors and free up your time.

Sustain stable and secure systems

Digital forensics & incident response

Incident investigators on call 24x7x365 globally, providing fully defensible legal and insurance capability.

Explore capabilities

Penetration testing

Adhere to technical and management demands with CREST-accredited penetration testing and red teaming.

Uncover security gaps

Cyber architecture & integration

Benefit from solutions that are expertly designed, built and optimised to mitigate cloud and enterprise threats.

Build a robust security strategy

Maintenance services

Safeguard your operations with our comprehensive services to keep your critical systems cyber-secure.

Onsite / offsite support: Cyber security hardware appliances

Maintenance with loaner units, if required, based on stipulated Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Onsite / offsite support: Cyber security software applications/virtual appliances

Maintenance in line with stipulated Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Preventive maintenance

Conduct quarterly/half-yearly/yearly health checks, software patches or upgrades on cyber security hardware and software.

Single-point-of-escalation (SPOE)

Activate maintenance service on your behalf with cyber product maintenance vendors (i.e. Maintenance Call-Route).

Monitor ongoing maintenance contracts

Track the validity period of in-scope cyber security hardware/software and hardware end-of-life (EOL) status of the in-scope cyber security hardware model.

Digital forensics & incident response

A team of global investigators on call 24/7/365 to quickly determine the source, cause and extent of a security breach with fully defensible legal and insurance capability support.

Readiness & detection assessment

Evaluate your ability to detect and respond to incidents, including security gap analysis and action plans.

Incident response plan development

Develop and document an appropriate and comprehensive incident response process.

Data exposure investigation

Search for exposed client data on the Dark Web and public internet sources.

Tabletop exercises

Improve your Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) without disrupting operations.

Attack simulation

Assess your ability to respond to an actual incident by orchestrating real-time simulated attack scenarios.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) training

Deliver established or custom courses with seasoned security professionals.

Penetration testing

Proactive end-to-end testing to mitigate potential threats and enable seamless transformation.

Hours of annual tests globally

Vulnerabilities and weak spots discovered

High or critical vulnerabilities detected

Unrivalled competencies

With more than 25 years of experience, qualified research and 150 researchers and testers, our resources are unmatched.

Save time & money

Thousands of proprietary findings and 120+ proprietary methodologies from over the years will help our customers save time, money and resources in the long run.

Cyber architecture & integration

Tailored solutions and operating models designed and built to mitigate cloud and enterprise threats.

Optimised security toolset

Align your security programme to address business-related cyber risks. Enhance detection and response capabilities.

Drive business innovation and growth

Meticulously assess security operations and tailor the right transformation approach based on business objectives.

Adapt to the evolving threat landscape

Navigate threats posed by a constantly changing attack surface, new technologies and regulations, mergers and acquisitions and geographic expansions.

Empower your team

Collaborate with us to remediate gaps in your transformation roadmap, develop processes and dashboards, and optimise technologies critical to your programme.

Awards and accolades

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