Eradicate threats: all day, every day

As hybrid work and more sophisticated technologies accelerate digital transformation, a broader scope of potential vulnerabilities calls for enhanced cyber security measures.

Your digital transformation success lies in timely and appropriate threat detection and mitigation. As part of our comprehensive portfolio of Managed Security Services (MSS), Singtel Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offers the tools and expertise you need to detect and respond to threats swiftly.

Highly accessible extended detection and response (XDR) platform

Providing visibility by integrating multiple clouds, endpoints, and on-premises devices for advanced protection.

Cloud-native security

Backed by elite cyber experts and global threat intelligence.

Human-led integrated threat hunting

Benefit from the capabilities and knowledge of our team of cyber experts.

Rapid response

Receive real-time responses from cyber experts enabled by advanced automation.

Support for hybrid operations

Security services that meet the needs of a hybrid work model.

Agile onboarding

Derive value from Day 1 with progress made in manageable but steady increments.

Let us handle the heavy lifting

As the threat landscape becomes more sophisticated, cyber security demands are also increasing. Find a solution from our comprehensive portfolio of Managed Security Services (MSS) and empower your team to focus on more important business goals.

What to look for in an MDR provider

Choosing the right MDR partner is the first step to optimising your security investment. When looking for an MDR solution that best fits your existing security capabilities, it is crucial to identify the right mix of people, processes, and technology.

Find a partner that embodies these 6 technical traits:

Rapid response and effective remediation

Pick an experienced partner with a proven track record of providing timely remediation with real-time monitoring and advanced threat detection.

Service reliability and availability

Enjoy peace of mind with a partner that provides a high-speed ingestion platform and 24x7 coverage.

Effective and timely threat detection

Gain visibility across your security environment, and access a global, out-of-the-box rule library that relieves you of the burden of actively identifying and defending against malicious activity.

Demonstrable advanced threat detection ability

Partner with a trusted ally whose extensive threat intelligence integrates seamlessly with your security processes and strategies. Elevate your defence posture with cutting-edge threat- hunting capabilities that readily adjust to the ever-changing landscape of security threats.

Support for hybrid operations

Expand your team with an elite team of security specialists who can leverage your existing resources to reduce your attack surface and increase your security maturity.

Out-of-the-box integration with your technology stack

Collaborate with a partner that provides a singular view of threats that incorporate advanced analytics and threat-hunting capabilities.

Managed vs self-managed: which is more cost-effective?

Uncover the challenges of self-managing your cyber security programme from all angles with our thorough guide. Alternatively, download our comparison infographic depicting the key points.

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