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Ultra-fast speeds and super-low latencies: Unlocking the future with Singtel 5G

5G is here and everyone’s talking about it. In fact, the buzz around this cellular network technology emerged before the industry has finalised the standard and has only gotten louder by the day. Why?


The applications for 5G go above and beyond just consumer benefits. Photos: Singtel

Most people equate 5G with fast download speeds. With theoretical speeds of 10Gbps and up — or 10 times faster than the most advanced 4G implementation today — this is certainly true.

But 5G’s ultra-fast speed is just half the story. The next-gen broadband cellular standard is widely heralded as a game changer for consumers and enterprises alike because it combines this speed with ultra-low latency and high reliability, the two other ingredients needed for the Internet to be truly ubiquitous.

This trinity — which Singtel is striving to achieve as it builds its 5G network — is key to unlocking the future and enabling applications that are previously deemed impossible with wireless technology.

Speedcuber vs Singtel Network Speeds


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