Unlisted Number Service

I am existing listed customer. Can I call now to unlist my telephone number free of charge?
The free Unlisted Number takes effect from 01 April 2014. It will still be chargeable if you request to unlist  before 01 April 2014.
Will I be charged for subsequent changes to list or unlist my telephone number?
Yes, a one-time charge is applicable. Current charge is $21.80.
Will I be considered listed or unlisted for when I sign up for a new line?
You will be asked at the point of sign up whether you want to be listed or unlisted. 
I am an existing listed customer. What will happen to my telephone number?
If you are an existing listed customer, your number will remain listed. However, if you request to be unlisted after 01 Apr 14, it will be free of charge for the first time.
I am currently listed, how can I become unlisted?
You can call our hotline at 1688 to become unlisted. 
I am an existing listed customer. Will I be charged if I request to be unlisted before 01 April 2014?
You will be charged accordingly until 01 April 2014. With effect of 01 April 2014, there will not be any recurring charges for existing unlisted customers.