Greater convenience with eBill

Timely notifications


Receive email/SMS alerts when your bills are ready.

Less paper filing


Receive PDF bills you can download and keep for your own records.

Access mobile calls & SMS records


View up to 3 months of detailed usage.

Hassle-free & 24/7


Access and pay your bills anytime, anywhere via My Singtel app and My Account.


Singtel reserves the right to update the FAQs without prior notice. All information is correct at the point of publication.

Why is Singtel encouraging eBill instead of sending paper bills statement?
In line with our commitment towards conserving the environment, we are going digital and would like to encourage all customers to go paperless. We will stop providing paper bills to new and recontracting customers.
My services will be eligible for recontract soon. Will I be asked to switch to eBill?
Yes, all customers who recontract will be switched to eBill. Customers who want to receive paper bills can opt for it. Each paper bill issued will cost $2.73 per month (GST incl.) per account. You’ll need a Singtel OnePass ID to access to eBill. If you do not have a Singtel Onepass ID, please sign up on <a href="">My Account</a>.
If I don’t recontract or sign up for a new service, can I continue to receive paper bills statement?
Yes, there will be no change to how you receive your bills until your next transaction with Singtel.
I have multiple billing accounts with Singtel. Can I activate eBill for selected billing accounts only?
Singtel eBill activation will apply to all of your accounts. However, you can choose to receive additional paper bills on selected accounts <a href="">here</a>. Upon logging in with your Singtel OnePass, simply click on the slider to subscribe to additional paper bills. Each paper bill issued will cost $2.73 per month (GST incl.) per account.
When will I start to receive my eBill?
Once you activate eBill, you will be able to view your latest bill via <a href="">My Singtel app</a> and <a href="">My Account</a>. You will also be able to view your mobile call details for the past 3 months under <a href="">View My Bill</a>. A notification will be sent to you once your next bill is ready for viewing.
I signed up for eBill but I’m not able to log in. What should I do?
You need a Singtel Onepass ID to view your eBills.<br/>a) If you have not activated your ID, click the link in the email sent to your registered email address when you sign up. If you can’t locate the email, please check your junk or spam folder. <br/>b) If you have forgotten your ID or password, please click “Forgot password” to retrieve your login ID and reset your password.
How do I view my call details?
Log in to <a href=" "> My Account</a>, click on “View My Bill” and select the bill month under “View Bill Details” to view your call details.
Why am I getting email and/or SMS notifications about my bill every month?
The Bill Ready notification is a complimentary feature of eBill. It helps you to keep track of your bills and the payment due date.
Can I disable the Bill Ready notifications?
Email notifications cannot be disabled so you’ll know when your latest bill is ready. SMS notifications can be enabled or disabled via <a href="">My Account</a>.Upon logging in with your Singtel OnePass, simply click on the slider to enable or disable SMS notifications.
How often are eBill notifications sent?
You will receive email notifications when your bill is generated every month. If you don’t receive it, please check in your spam/junk mail folder. You can also verify your eBill status and email contact address in My Account.
I have recently changed my billing address and contact details, how do I update my changes?
You can update the billing address for your individual accounts in the <a href=" "> Account Summary</a> and other contact information in <a href=" "> Profile</a>.
Can I sign up for GIRO payment for my Singtel bill?
You can also download the GIRO form at <a href="">GIRO application</a> and mail the original copy of the completed application form to Singtel (address included in form). If you are DBS customer, you can sign up GIRO at <a href="">DBS GIRO</a>, or AXS stations.

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