Features and benefits

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Get a personalised summary of each kid's device, app and online activity

Set time limits and restrictions

Set time limits and restrictions

Create schedules to customise how much time your kids spend on their device

Control games and apps


Set usage limits and manage what apps and games your kids have

Filter inappropriate content

Filter inappropriate content

Restrict unhealthy content such as profanities and adult content with customised filters.

Track location and send panic alerts

Track location and send panic alerts*

Know where your kids are. In times of need, they can achieve an SOS button (Android only) to alert you for help.

Monitor calls and SMS (Android Only)

Monitor calls and SMS*

Set up a list of blocked contacts or ensure that your kids do not disclose personal info to strangers.

Exclusively for our Singtel Fibre Broadband customers!

Parental Control pass (5 devices)

<p><br /> Full access to Qustodio parental control app features <span>on 5 devices</span></p>

Parental Control pass (10 devices)

<p><br /> Full access to Qustodio parental control app features on 10 devices</p>

Qustodio (5 devices) + Security Suite

Full access to Qustodio features and app on 5 devices and McAfee Security Suite for your Windows or OS computers

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What is Qustodio?
Qustodio is an exclusive parental control software offered to Singtel customers at a special rate. It allows parents to supervise their kids online by keeping their devices safe, productive and fun.
What benefits do I enjoy with Qustodio?
Qustodio allows you to manage and supervise your child’s device for things like screen time, adult content and apps. Through a web portal and mobile app, you are able to to view your children’s device usage activities and set limits when necessary.
What are the type of offers currently available?
<p>There are 3 choices to choose from:</p>a. Qustodio (1 license for 5 monitored devices)<br/>b. Qustodio (1 license for 10 monitored devices)<br/>c. Qustodio (1 license for 5 monitored devices) & Security Suite Bundle
What is the price and agreement term for sign up?
Qustodio is available at $5.90/mth for 5-devices, $9.90/mth for 10-devices and $9.90/mth for a 5-devices + Security Suite Bundle.
How do I subscribe to Qustodio?
Sign up at singtel.com/Qustodio or visit your nearest Singtel Shop.
Who can subscribe to Qustodio?
All Singtel Fibre Broadband subscribers.<p>All Singtel postpaid mobile service subscribers on Singtel’s Combo, SIM Only and Easy Mobile Plans as well as *Singtel Mobile Broadband.</p>Corporate customers with mobile lines registered under corporate entity can sign up at Singtel Shops only.
Can I add more than one Qustodio subscription to my mobile/broadband plan?
No, each mobile/broadband plan is entitled to only one Qustodio subscription. You can purchase the Qustodio subscription with a bigger device quota if you need to monitor more devices.
How do I use Qustodio after signing up with Singtel?
Once you have signed up for Qustodio with Singtel, you will receive an SMS with a license activation link to register your Qustodio account and download Qustodio on your devices and your child’s devices.<p>Simply download the Qustodio software from <u>https://www.qustodio.com/en/family/downloads/</u> and login using your account registered with Qustodio.</p>For a more detailed guide, please refer to the Qustodio user manual: <u>http://www.qustodio.com/en/help/</u>
Can I activate my Qustodio subscription before my broadband plan or mobile line is activated?
No. For new broadband customers, you will only receive an activation email/SMS after your broadband plan has been installed. For existing customers, you will receive a Qustodio license activation email/SMS within 1 day after signing up for Qustodio.<p>No. For new postpaid mobile customers, you will only receive an activation SMS after your line has been activated. For existing customers, you will receive a Qustodio license activation SMS within 1 day after signing up for Qustodio.</p>
I have an existing Qustodio subscription purchased directly from Qustodio, can I use my existing Qustodio account if I subscribe from Singtel?
No, you will need to register for a new user account with Qustodio should you take this exclusive offer from Singtel.
How does Qustodio work?
Install the Qustodio software on your own device and also on your child’s devices. These devices include smartphones, tablets and/or desktops. Use your own smartphone to supervise your child’s online activities.
Does Qustodio work when my children’s devices switch network or go overseas?
Yes. Qustodio is installed on your children’s devices and its protection is network-agnostic. This means that the functionality and benefits of Qustodio is 24/7, be it on 3G/4G data network, home broadband, home WiFi, public WiFi, overseas WiFi, overseas data network or roaming, as long as the Qustodio app is installed on the device.
My children do not have their own devices yet, how do I protect them on devices shared among family members?
On mobile devices, you can install the Qustodio app as usual. You can turn off the protection temporarily using your Qustodio password.<p>On desktop computers, you can create a different Windows or Mac user login account for your child. You can choose to enable Qustodio protection only on specific accounts.</p>
How do I prevent my child from uninstalling Qustodio?
Qustodio can prevent unauthorized uninstallation on desktop computers by requesting for your Qustodio account password before allowing uninstallation. There are also measures in mobile devices to prevent uninstallation of the Qustodio app without your permission. In any case, you will receive an email alert when tampering of the app is detected.
Can I use Qustodio to protect multiple children?
Yes, Qustodio allows you to create individual profiles for each of your children. You can configure different rules in each profile to suit their individual needs.
Qustodio currently sends a daily report on my child’s activities to my registered email address. Can I switch to a weekly basis?
Yes, you can change your report delivery frequency to weekly by clicking on your user icon at the top right hand corner in the Qustodio web portal <a href="https://family.qustodio.com/user-activity/summary" target="_blank">https://family.qustodio.com/user-activity/summary</a> and click on “Notifications”.
Can Qustodio still work if my child’s phone is not under a Singtel subscription?
Yes. Only you need to have a Singtel mobile subscription. Qustodio is network-agnostic and is able to function as long as it is installed in the device to be monitored, whether your child’s mobile line is with Singtel or not.
What is the minimum device and operating system requirements for installing Qustodio?
You can install Qustodio on the following devices with these minimum operating system versions:<ul><li>all Windows laptops and desktops running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and up</li><li>all Mac laptops and desktops running OS X 10.9 and up</li><li>all Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 and up</li><li>iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 7 and up</li></ul>
How do I remove Qustodio?
You can follow the steps illustrated on the Qustodio user manual: <a href="http://www.qustodio.com/en/help/" target="_blank">http://www.qustodio.com/en/help/</a>

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