Singtel Car Protect Accident Assist

Check if there are any personal injuries or if by chance, any of the passengers are injured
<p>Call the police and/or the ambulance immediately if the accident involves:</p><ul><li>Fatality or injury</li><li>Hit-and-run case</li><li>Damaged Government property</li><li>Foreign vehicle (such as Malaysia-registered cars)</li><li>Diplomatic or Government vehicle</li></ul><p><b><br>Emergency hotlines</b><br>Emergency ambulance or fire: <a href="tel:995">995</a><br>Non-emergency ambulance: <a href="tel:1777">1777</a><br>Police: <a href="tel:999">999</a></p>

Turn off the engine and turn on the hazard lights before you exit the vehicle to assess for impact
<p>You can prevent further accidents by keeping your hazard lights on.</p><p>If it is dark and your lights don’t work, you should have a flashlight to keep you safe while you wait in your disabled car or by the side of the road.</p>
Do not move any vehicle, unless it is absolutely necessary
Never drive away from the scene of an accident, even a minor one. Warn other motorists of road blockage by making use of items (eg. vehicle breakdown signs, red lights, reflectors).

Take detailed photos of the accident scene
<ul><li>Take photos of the scene and its surrounding areas, such as traffic signs, wet roads and debris.</li><li>Take close-up photos to document the extent of damage to your vehicle.</li><li>Take photos of the damage to the other vehicle(s) and their license plate(s). For multiple-vehicle collisions, photograph the vehicles with direct contact, i.e. the vehicle in front of and behind your vehicle.</li><li>If you have an in-vehicle camera, retain a copy of the video recording.</li></ul>
Exchange particulars with the parties involved in the accident
<p>If the other parties involved – passengers and witnesses included – are physically able, exchange the following information:</p><ul><li>Vehicle registration numbers</li><li>Full name and NRIC/FIN</li><li>Contact numbers</li></ul>
Call Great Eastern for towing service to an authorised workshop within 24 hours of accident or for further advice
<p>Avoid engaging unauthorised tow truck services and repair workshops to ensure smoother processing of your claims.</p><p><b>24-hour Accident Towing hotline:</b> <br> <a href="tel:65350511">6535 0511</a></p><p><b><a href="">Locate authorised workshops</a></b></p>

For further assistance, contact Great Eastern

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