You name it, we have it.

Food, travel and lifestyle programmes from Asian Food Channel, HGTV, TLC and more!

More ways to watch what you love.

With 8 live channels and 4 on-demand channels, stream your favourite programmes no matter where you are!

Exclusive App in Lifestyle Plus.

Download MTV Play separately on the App store or Google Play Store!

Features and benefits of Lifestyle Plus.

Available only with Singtel


Access your favourite lifestyle channels like Asian Food Channel, HGTV, TLC and more.

Watch on any screen


Stream on your mobile devices, TV or laptop.

Download for offline viewing


Download and watch offline to save on mobile data.

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Why is this promotion sent to me and how am I eligible?
We understand that you are currently subscribing to HOOQ on Singtel CAST. Following the recent HOOQ liquidation announcement, HOOQ services will cease after 30 April 2020. We have put together a promotion just for you as an option to allow you to make the transition and continue to enjoy great programmes with us on other CAST packs.
What will happen to my HOOQ subscription from 30 April 2020?
You will still be able to stream programmes on HOOQ from now till 30 April 2020. We will remove and waive all charges for HOOQ subscription on Singtel CAST, regardless of contract duration, from 1 May 2020 onwards. Do note, however, Early Termination Charges will still apply for any termination before 1 May 2020 if you are currently on a contract on HOOQ on Singtel CAST.
I understand that the promotion is to redeem Free 3 months subscription of Lifestyle Plus Pack. What happens after 3 months?
After the 1st 3 months of free subscription, you will be charged the prevailing rate of $5.90/month from the 4th month onwards to continue enjoying the programmes on the Lifestyle Plus pack.
I also understand that the promotion provides 6 months’ complimentary subscription to Education Plus. Why do I not see the Pack details in my CAST account and what happens after 6 months?
Activation of the 6 months’ complimentary subscription to Education Plus will only be available from 14 May 2020 onwards. Once activated, you will be able to view and access Education Plus Pack’s programmes on the CAST app or on <a href=""></a> for 6 months.<br><br>After the Free Viewing period, Education Plus Pack access will be removed and you will not be charged for it. You may however, subscribe to Education Plus <a href="">here</a>.
What is happening to the app, MTV Play on Singtel CAST Lifestyle Plus pack?
ViacomCBS will no longer be providing content on the MTV Play app in Singapore. As such, the MTV Play app will no longer be available as part of Singtel CAST’s Lifestyle Plus pack from 28 February ‘21.
I am an existing subscriber of Lifestyle Plus pack on Singtel CAST, how will it affect me?
There are no changes to all other content in Lifestyle Plus pack including TLC, DMAX, Travel Channel, Food Network, AFN, HGTV, MTV Asia and MTV LIVE, which are part of your subscription that you can continue to enjoy. Learn more at
Will there be a reduction to my Lifestyle Plus pack subscription fee?
There are no changes planned to the subscription fee of Lifestyle Plus pack.

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