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What is MelodyVR and Bookful?
MelodyVR is an immersive live music app that lets you experience popular concerts and exciting shows from global artiste in 360° view on your phone while Bookful is an interactive reading experience for book lovers, where books come to life in Augmented Reality and 3D animations.
Am I eligible to subscribe to MelodyVR or Bookful?
All Singtel postpaid mobile customers on Combo, XO, XO Plus, SIM Only plans are eligible to subscribe to MelodyVR and Bookful.
How can I enjoy FREE 3 months or FREE 1 month of MelodyVR and Bookful?
You will be eligible to redeem FREE 3 months (no contract, $8.90/mth thereafter) of MelodyVR and Bookful if you have signed up for an XO Plus 68 and above plan or 5G NOW add-on 10GB/20GB.<br><br>If you are on an existing Singtel postpaid 4G plan or have signed up for XO Plus 50, you will be eligible to redeem FREE 1 month (no contract, $8.90/mth thereafter) of MelodyVR and Bookful.
I have redeemed the FREE 3 months or FREE 1 month of MelodyVR and Bookful, can I unsubscribe and redeem again?
The FREE 3 months or FREE 1 month subscription of MelodyVR and Bookful can only be enjoyed once. If you decide to unsubscribe from your existing MelodyVR and Bookful subscription, you can subscribe to MelodyVR and Bookful again at $8.90/mth (no contract) or $7.90/mth (12mth contract). However, you will not be able to redeem the FREE 3 months or FREE 1 month again.
Will data charges apply when I use MelodyVR or Bookful on my mobile devices?
Your mobile data will be deducted or charged accordingly when you access MelodyVR or Bookful on your mobile devices. If you do not wish to incur any mobile date usages or charges, you can connect to your home Wi-Fi and enjoy these content services in the comfort of your home.
How do I activate or link my existing MelodyVR or Bookful account?
You will receive an SMS after successful subscription of MelodyVR and Bookful. Simply click on the link in the SMS and follow the steps to activate or link your account. Please cancel any existing credit card or in-app subscription to avoid dual payment.
How do I cancel my MelodyVR or Bookful subscription?
You can cancel your MelodyVR or Bookful subscription via My Singtel app. For 12-month plans, there will be recovery charges for cancellation before the contract’s end date. Upon cancellation, your account will be reverted to a free account with limited access and the subscription charge will not be pro-rated.Any termination requests during the FREE trial period for MelodyVR will only take effect at the end of the FREE trial period and you can still enjoy till the end of the FREE trial period.

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