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How do I participate in the Singtel Active Protect monthly giveaways?
Hello there! To get started:<br><ul><li> Buy Singtel Active Protect <a href=" ">here</a>, and indicate that you’ll like to participate in the Singtel Active Protect monthly giveaways. You’ll be enrolled into the monthly giveaways.</li><li> If you have bought Singtel Active Protect but have not indicated your interest, you can do so <a href="">here.</a></li><ul>
Can you tell me more about the Singtel Active Protect monthly giveaway?
To encourage more customers like yourself to take the first step towards getting adequate personal accident protection, we want to reward you with an opportunity to win iPhones, Brompton or Secretlab when you purchase Singtel Active Protect.
What rewards can I earn from participating in the Singtel Active Protect monthly giveaways?
Upon enrolling, you will receive 1 chance in the giveaway every month, and you will continue to participate until you win a giveaway. Every month, the prizes that you may enjoy differ, such as:<br>- November 2021: 2 Thermomix TM6 <br>- December 2021: 2 Thermomix TM6 <br>… stay tuned for more!
Where and when should I submit my entry to participate in the monthly giveaways?
Your details are automatically submitted for the monthly giveaway when you buy Singtel Active Protect and indicate that you’ll like to participate in the Singtel Active Protect monthly giveaways. There is no need to resubmit another entry.
When will the results be announced?
For the upcoming giveaways, do refer to the respective announcement dates listed on this page.
I have won the prize, how do I collect the prize?
Congratulations! You will be receiving collection details via mobile or the email address you registered when you signed up for Singtel Active Protect. For collection, Singtel would be required to verify your name and mobile number as indicated on the sign-up form.
How can I increase my giveaway chances?
After purchasing Singtel Active Protect, you can request for a financial health review by leaving your contact details <a href="">here.</a> If you do meet up with an AIA representative before the stipulated date, you will get 10 additional chances in the monthly giveaway, subject to the giveaway’s terms and conditions.

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