Important Notice

Dear customers, due to the enhanced circuit breaker measure, delivery time for your swopped or replaced device will be longer than usual. Please expect a delay of up to 3 working days.

Benefits of MobileSwop Unlimited

Greater savings


Replacement device at a fraction of the cost!

Unlimited Swops


Enjoy unlimited swops for your damaged device!

1 Replacement


1 replacement for a lost device every 12 rolling months.

4-hour delivery


Device to be delivered right to your doorstep.

Get added peace of mind


Replace or swop it for any reason.

Here’s how it works

Follow these simple steps to enjoy endless peace of mind.

How much do I need to top up for my replacement device?

The peace of mind MobileSwop Unlimited offers is priceless! Have a like-for-like mobile device delivered to you anytime, anywhere when you do a swop or replacement; just pay the relevant service request fee as follows:


What is MobileSwop Unlimited?
MobileSwop Unlimited is a device care service that allows customers to swop or replace their device for any reason provided that they meet the eligibility criteria in the Terms & Conditions of the service. Customers are required to pay the relevant swop or replacement fees. MobileSwop Unlimited will be provisioned with every sign up of a postpaid mobile plan unless customers choose to opt out.
How does MobileSwop Unlimited work?
Sign up for MobileSwop Unlimited at $9.90 per month (incl. GST) and it will be charged to your Singtel bill. It allows you unlimited swops and 1 replacement every 12 rolling months for your device by paying the relevant service request fees.
Do I need to pay for a service request?
A fee will be charged for each service request depending on it being a swop service request or a replacement service request, as follows:<br><a href="/content/dam/singtel/personal/products-services/mobile/leasing/MobSUL_SRF_112018.pdf" target="_blank">More details here</a>.
Where can I sign up for MobileSwop Unlimited?
You can sign up for MobileSwop Unlimited at any Singtel Shops, Singtel Exclusive Retailers, or Singtel Telesales.
If I terminate MobileSwop Unlimited in the middle of my contract, will I face an early termination charge?
Yes. There is a minimum subscription period of 12 months. An early termination charge will apply on the remaining contract term.
How do the unlimited swop and 1 replacement entitlements work?
You are entitled to unlimited swops and 1 replacement within a rolling 12 months. After a replacement, you may only make swop requests further. After a swop, you may keep doing so as long as you pay the relevant fees. The rolling 12 months starts upon delivery date of the first service request, not from the sign-up for MobileSwop Unlimited. After a replacement service request, you can no longer make another within the rolling 12-month period.
What do you mean by like-for-like swop or replacement?
As compared to your original enrolled device, the swop or replacement device is/has: Of similar kind, quality & functionality | New or refurbished | Same or greater memory | May be of a different brand, model &/or colour | Delivered in plain packaging marked 'not for resale' & not in the original manufacturer packaging | Does not include any device accessories except for the Apple Watch where its original package strap will be provided in case of a replacement.
What are the delivery hours?
Delivery hours <a href="/content/dam/singtel/Addons/mobile-swop/mobileswop-unlimited-faq-delivery-hours.pdf" target="blank">here</a>.
What is the mode of payment for the service request fee?
You can pay via credit card or cash upon delivery of the exchange or replacement device.
Why do I need MobileSwop Unlimited when my device is covered under the manufacturer’s 12-month warranty?
The manufacturer’s warranty usually covers more specific cases; you may not be able to request for a replacement device under their terms. We allow you to replace or swop your device for any reason; provided you meet the relevant eligibility criteria, and pay the relevant fees. You also avoid the hassle of going to the OEM service centers as the like-for-like mobile device will be delivered to you.
Is there a warranty on the swop/replaced device?
Yes, each like-for-like mobile device has a 6-month warranty against manufacturer malfunctions and defects that starts from the date of delivery. You may make a warranty claim for the like-for-like device by chatting with our online agent at We will handle a warranty request in the same way as service request except that a warranty request will not count towards your entitlement and the service fee will not be imposed.
Upon performing a swop or replacement, would my Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty still be valid?
Your swop/replacement device will be covered under a 6-month warranty provided by the MobileSwop Unlimited programme. If you encounter any issues with your swop/replacement device during the warranty period, please contact the MobileSwop Unlimited hotline at 800 852 3800. Do note that the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) warranty will be rendered void once you have made a service request unless otherwise stated by the OEM.
If I am a MobileSwop Unlimited customer and I have not done any swop or replacement service request, can I enjoy the AppleCare or OEM manufacturer warranty?
Yes. However, if you have done a 1-for-1 device exchange at the OEM manufacturer, you need to walk into any Singtel Shop with the letter issued by the OEM manufacturer as proof of exchange to update Singtel on the new device IMEI number. You will also need to email a copy of your letter to as proof of exchange.
I have a MobileShare supplementary contract. Can I take up MobileSwop Unlimited for my supplementary line?
No, you are only eligible to take up one MobileSwop Unlimited service per eligible postpaid contract, and that MobileSwop Unlimited service will be linked to your main mobile number, not the MobileShare supplementary customer.
Can I retain my existing MobileSwop or MobileSwop Unlimited subscription if I re-contract with Singtel?
Yes, you can retain your existing MobileSwop / MobileSwop Unlimited subscription on your old device and sign up for a new MobileSwop Unlimited add-on on your new device.
With this service, what is the maximum number of devices that can be covered?
You can cover up to a maximum of 3 devices under the same service number.
What devices are covered under MobileSwop Unlimited?
MobileSwop Unlimited is available for Combo/XO plans with a phone, tablet, iPad or Apple Watch.

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