hi!App Dash Remit - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I send money using hi!App?
    You need to register with a Dash Remit account to send money

  2. How do I sign up for this remittance service?
    Click on ‘Send Money’ at Balance tab >> click on Create account >>Perform eKYC>> submit. Upon successful submission of documents, you will receive confirmation within 5-7 working days.

  3. Do I need both hi!App and Dash to use this remittance service?
    No. you just need hi! App or Dash app. Your existing Dash account registered with Singtel Prepaid number can also be used on hi!App to login.

  4.  I don’t have a Singtel Prepaid number, can I still remit?
    You can use hi! App or Dash app with a Singtel Prepaid number. For other mobile operators, you can register with Dash and use Dash app to remit.

  5. What’s the difference between hi! App Dash remit and Dash app?
    hi! App is for Singtel Prepaid mobile customers and Dash app is for all mobile operators. hi!App can be used to check balance, data top up etc. for Singtel Prepaid customers while Dash App can be used for payments to local merchants, overseas transfers etc.

  6. What kind of rewards/perks I can receive on hi!App and Dash App?
    On hi!App, you will get 1GB data for first transaction and 50 hi!Rewards coins for every transaction. Hi!Rewards coins can be used to redeem benefits under Rewards tab. Not available for the transactions made on Dash App.

    On Dash app, you will receive Dash Reward points for every remittance transaction or payment. The reward points can be used to redeem for vouchers in the Dash Rewards catalogue. Not available for the transactions made on hi!App.

  7. Do I get Free 30-day insurance when I remit on hi! App?
    No, the option to enrol to the Free 30-day Dash Protect with a min. $100 remittance is only applicable to Dash users on Dash App only.

  8. I am an existing Dash user, what should I do to start using hi! App to remit?
    You can just sign-in to your Dash account via hi! App using the same Dash mobile no and PIN, conditional your mobile number is a Singtel prepaid mobile number.

  9. I registered a Dash account with my work permit and my work permit just renewed, what do I need to do?
    You need to resubmit your ID to renew the Dash account. You can do it via hi! app or Dash app.

  10. What is the customer support number for Dash?
    Dash Customer support number is: 1800 438 3274

  11. I cannot login to my HiApp account and cannot get OTP too. Who should I contact?
    Please contact Prepaid customer hotline below.

    Tel: 1800 482 2800 (Calling from overseas: +65 6482 2800)
    Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8:30am – 8:30pm (Including Public Holidays)

  12. I am inside hi!App Dash Remit homepage and I am not able to login to my existing Dash account. Who should I contact?
    Please contact Dash Remit Customer care. 1800 738 3274
    Monday to Sunday: 8:30am – 8:30pm

  13. I cannot find ‘Send Money’ button on my Balance tab.
    You can find Dash Remit under Top Up tab. Alternatively; you can update your hi!App to the latest version. Otherwise, please contact Singtel Prepaid customer hotline.

  14. I am trying to login to my Dash Remit account using my secondary Singtel Prepaid number, but I am logged in to hi!App using my primary number (or vice versa).
    You can only login to Dash Remit with the number you have logged in to hi!App.

  15. I have registered for Dash Remit services on hi!App but I haven’t received any confirmation about my registration status/my registration failed.
    You will receive notification about the registration status from Dash Remit. For further enquiries, please contact Dash Remit Customer care. 1800 738 3274.

  16. I am not able to add my friends/family overseas in my beneficiary list, what is the issue?
    Please check all the details provided are correct. Otherwise, please contact Dash Remit Customer care. 1800 738 3274.

  17. I am not able to add more than 5 recipients in my Dash Remit account on hi!App. What is the reason?
    You are allowed to have maximum of 5 recipients in your list at one time. Please remove any other recipient to accommodate new ones.

  18. FX rates shown on the hi!App Dash Remit are latest?
    FX rates are refreshed everyday and are competitive and latest.

  19. My existing Dash account beneficiary list will be shown in my Dash Remit account on hi!App? also, my transaction history will be shown too ?
    Yes. You can access your Dash Remittance account information on Dash Remit on hi!App.

  20. What is select remittance service while sending money to my beneficiary?
    Remittance services are different for each corridor and are displayed based on the selection you made while adding beneficiary. You can edit and change the services as per your choice by editing beneficiary information.

  21. Why service fees are different for different countries?
    Service fees is dependent on the type of service you have selected and the country you have selected.

  22. My transaction failed. Where will my money go? Also, why my transaction was declined?
    Your money will not be deducted from your Dash Wallet. In case you have any issue with the Dash balance or you want to know the reason for decline, please contact Dash Remit Customer care. 1800 738 3274.

  23. My transaction failed for Myanmar or Indonesia while sending money. May I know what is the reason?
    For Myanmar, please send money in the multiples of 1000XMMK. For example, 10,000MMK, 25,000MMK, 47,000MMK, 50,000MMK, 100,000MMK etc.

    For Indonesia, limit your transfer to 10 Million IDR only. Do not exceed more than 10 Million IDR.

  24. How can I top up my Dash wallet?
    You can refer to the top up options inside hi!App Dash Remit. Also, you can visit Singtel shops, 7-Eleven, AXS, So-Cash and Sheng Siong etc. alternatively, you refer to dash website https://dash.com.sg/topup

  25. Why can’t I use PayNow?
    PayNow feature will be added soon and customers will be informed accordingly.

  26. Which countries can I remit money to?
    Customers are allowed to send money to 7 countries: India, China, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar.

  27. My nationality is different from the countries listed and I cannot proceed with the registration. Why?
    Only the nationalities listed in the app are allowed for registration. For further queries, please contact Dash Remit Customer care. 1800 738 3274.

  28. How can I disconnect my hi!App Dash Remit account from linking with Dash account?
    The moment you log out from your dash account, it is delinked from your Dash account. You need to login again to establish the connection.

  29. How long does it take to send money to selected country?
    You will be informed via SMS on the status of the transaction. Also, you can refer to the transaction history tab to check on the status of your transaction.

  30. When will my free 1GB data and 50 hi!Rewards coins be credited?
    You are entitled for 1GB Data and 50 hi!Rewards coin on your first transaction. Subsequent transactions will make you earn 50 hi!Rewards coins each time you remit on hi!App with no cap. Data/coins will be credited on next day of your transaction getting completed successfully.

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