Earn rewards all year long with Singtel Prepaid.

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Earn rewards all year long with Singtel Prepaid.

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How it works.

Step 1

Download hi!App.

Step 2

Join by selecting the 'Rewards' tab, then click 'Join Now'.


Step 3

Earn hi!Rewards coins with every top-up. $1 = 1 coin.


Step 4

Choose and reserve from a variety of rewards as you unlock each level.

Step 5

View your reserved rewards under ‘Redemption history’.

Step 6

Redeem your reward at merchant outlets.

hi!Rewards Redemption Events

Eligibility & Mechanics

Who is eligible for the hi!Rewards programme?
All Singtel Prepaid customers (except hi!Data and hi!Tourist users) are eligible for the loyalty programme. Customers will have to opt in before they can start accumulating coins and redeeming rewards.
Who is eligible for the welcome gift?
New customers who have purchased a SIM card after 31 December 2019 can choose from the following FREE welcome gifts: <br><br><ol><li>30 days of free incoming calls</li></ol>


How do I earn coins?
Earn points with every top-up where $1 = 1 coin. Customers will not be entitled to earn coins for top-up card purchases via Singtel Prepaid Main Accounts.
Do my coins have an expiry date?
For coins collected between 1 Jan 2020 to 31 March 2021, the coins will expire on 31 March 2021.For coins collected between 1 Apr 2021 and 31 March 2022, the coins will expire on 31 March 2022.
What can I redeem with my coins?
You can choose to redeem Singtel rewards (local minutes, local data, bonus talktime, IDD 019 Calls, Music, Social Messaging and Facebook bundles) as well as our exclusive partner rewards and digital vouchers.

Singtel rewards

What Singtel rewards can I redeem?
We offer local minutes, local data, Social Data Plans, IDD 019 minutes, hi!Music Plans as well as bonus talktime.
How long are Singtel rewards valid for?
Singtel rewards are valid for 30 days except for Facebook and hi!Music Plans, which are valid for 7 days, and are non-stackable – expiry date will be the same for both Singtel rewards (the one that was redeemed later).

Partner rewards

How do I redeem event-based partner rewards?
<ul type="disc"><li>Ensure you have sufficient coins and reserve your selected reward*.</li><li>Make your way down to our redemption event, show our staff your hi!App to pick up your selected reward.</li></ul>*Only one event-based partner reward can be reserved/redeemed in that calendar quarter.
How do l redeem my digital rewards?
<ul type="disc"><li>No restriction to the number of digital rewards redemption per quarter. Customers can reserve and redeem as many times as they want.</li><li>Make your way to the nearest merchant outlet at your convenience and redeem your reward instantly.</li></ul>
When do I have to select my partner rewards and when are the redemption events?
Customers would have to reserve their partner rewards by the indicated date inside the hi!Rewards section. The redemption event details will be announced via hi!App, SMS or when customers have reserved the rewards. The exact dates are to be confirmed, and the customers will be notified nearing it.
Who are your partner brands?
Past partners include KFC, Jollibean, Pezzo, Gong Cha, Cotton On, Japan Home, Gain City and Royal Sporting House. We are constantly looking to establish more partnerships to bring you better rewards.
What if I can't make it for the redemption events?
We will have 2 redemption events per quarter so we hope to see you there! If you are unable to make it for both dates, you can get a third party to collect on your behalf, the third party must bring along 3 things:<br><br><ol><li>Completed LOA Form.</li><li>Reservation screen on hi!App (we will not accept screenshots as the PIN has to be keyed in).</li><li>Original IC.</li></ol>Alternatively, you can also choose to redeem our Singtel rewards, which will be instantly credited to you.

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