Why can’t I send MMS to email addresses?
Singtel is discontinuing the service from 20th June 2021.
Why is Singtel discontinuing the service?
We are discontinuing the service due to low usage and in an effort to simplify our services.
How do I send media and text from my handset to email addresses?
You can explore sending your media and text from your smartphone via your default email account (eg. Gmail, Hotmail, etc).
Who can I reach out to find more information?
You may refer to our <a href="">contact us page</a> for further support.

Why can’t I send MMS even though it has been working well previously?
MMS service has ceased from 16 Nov ’21. However, please rest assured that you are still able to perform the usual call and SMS functions.
Why was MMS service ceased?
The use of MMS has been decreasing through the years due to the shift to other messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat etc, which support more functions and offers better capability in sharing multi-media files.
Am I able to send MMS after the closure date?
No, you will be unable to successfully send MMS after the closure date. Depending on your phone model & configuration, your phone may attempt to resend the MMS periodically, but it will no longer be supported and you will subsequently receive error prompts for each failed attempt.
Why did my recipient not receive the MMS I sent before 16 Nov ’21?
Instances such as when the recipient's phone was turned off, not connected to mobile data or out of coverage might result in the MMS not being delivered to the recipient. In which case, all undelivered MMS has been deleted when MMS service ceased from 16 Nov '21.
Has Roaming MMS ceased as well?
Roaming MMS has ceased from 16 Nov ’21 and you are no longer able to send Roaming MMS. However, you will still be able to connect to the network of our preferred partners overseas to use data roaming, make calls & send SMSes.
Are there any recommended setting changes for MMS?
For Android:<ul><li>Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names<li>Tap on the selected APN setting, e.g. Singtel (Postpaid)<li>Set <b>“MMS proxy”</b> to (empty)<li>Set <b>“MMS port”</b> to (empty)<li>Exit</ul><p><img src="/content/dam/singtel/personal/support/mobile-postpaid/mms/MMSproxy.png" width="300px"></p>

Why has Singtel ceased the WAP Gateway?
This was an old technology with declining usage with the proliferation of smart phones over the last decade.
When did WAP Gateway cease?
WAP Gateway has ceased from 16 Nov ’21.
What happens now that the WAP Gateway has ceased?
If you are using an older phone model (feature phones) that only supports WAP browsing, you are no longer able to browse the internet via your phone.
Will I still be able to browse the internet on my feature phone now that the WAP gateway has ceased?
<ul><li>For feature phones with browsers that only support WAP2.0/xHTML, web browsing is no longer supported.<li>For feature phones with browsers supporting WAP2.0/xHTML, HTML & more, web browsing is still possible.</ul>
For current feature phones that support WAP2.0/xHTML, HTML & more, how can I still browse the internet?
<ol><li>Go to Settings > Connectivity/Connections > Mobile networks/Mobile Data Connections > Access Points/Access Point Names.<li>Please refer <a href="">here</a> for detailed info on how to navigate the APN settings. <li>The following fields should be left blank/removed within the APN settings page.<br><b>For Android<b><ul><li>Proxy: (Blank)<li>Port: (Blank)</ul></ol>

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