How do I check the balance on my hi!SIM Card (including Data bundle)?
<p>You can check your hi!SIM Card balance via any of the following:</p><ul><li>hi!App</li><li>Calling 9676-7777 (toll free) and press 1</a><li>Dial *100#</li></ul>
How can I top-up the value on my Prepaid Card?
<p>Besides using a top-up card to top-up your hi! Card, you can also:</p><ul><li>Use <a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/i/apps-tv/apps/my-singtel"/>My Singtel</a> app</li><li>Top-up at any Self-service Automated Machine (SAM), DBS/POSB ATM or AXS Station</li><li>hi!App</li></ul>
How can I purchase Data Plan or Social Plan on my Prepaid Card?
<p>You can purchase a Prepaid Data Plan or Social Plan via any of the following:</p><ul><li>hi!App</li><li>Call *100#</li><li>Use <a href="https://my.singtel.com/ecaps/link.jsp?app=usage/local/topup">My Singtel</a> app</li><li>Purchase selected data plans from any Authorised Prepaid Retailer</li>

How can I make a top-up to my prepaid card while overseas?
<p>You can perform an online top-up via Credit Card/ hi!App. </a></p><p>Alternatively, you may purchase a hi! Top-up Card before leaving Singapore. Applicable hi! Top-up Cards are $10 hi! Top-up Card, $20 hi! Top-up Card and $50 hi! Top-up Card. Only these cards can be used when roaming.</p><p>When overseas, dial 132<10 Digit Top-up Card Number><6 Digit Pin Number># on your mobile phone to top up your hi! SIM Card.</p>
How can I make calls from my prepaid card while I am overseas?
<p>To make calls from your prepaid card while overseas, just follow these steps:</p><ol><li>Dial *131*, followed by the Country Code (e.g. 65 for Singapore) and the telephone number of person you wish to contact</li><li>Press the # key and make the call</li></ol><p>You will need a minimum balance of $8 in your main account to make a roaming call.</p><p>Please note that the availability of Prepaid Roaming depends on the foreign network operator, their coverage and the handset used.</p>
How can I use data on my Prepaid Mobile line while I am overseas?
<p>To use Data on your Prepaid card while overseas, you can subscribe to <a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/products-services/mobile/prepaid-plans/prepaiddataroam"/>hi!DataRoam Plans</a>, which are available in the following options:</p><ul><li>Short Validity hi!DataRoam Packs, 1GB 1-Day Plan or 1GB 3-Day Plan for multiple destination</li><li>Long Validity hi!DataRoam Packs, 1GB 30-Day Plan for multiple destination</li></ul>
How can I activate my hi!DataRoam plan?
To get your hi!DataRoam Plans:<ol><li>Call *100# or log in to <a href="www.singtel.com/hiapp">hi!App</a> (Free Access in Singapore) to purchase your hi!DataRoam Plan<li>While overseas, connect to the preferred network operator and call *100# to activate your hi!DataRoam Plan within 30 days of purchase. You will not be charged for this call.</ol><br>The price of the purchased plan will be deducted from your Main Account.
How can I send an SMS from my prepaid card while I am overseas?
<p>To send an SMS from your prepaid card while overseas, simply add a +<Country Code> in front of your recipient’s mobile number. Take note that the SMS will not send if the “+” sign is omitted.</p><p>You will need a minimum balance of $8 in your main account to send a roaming SMS.</p>
How will I be charged when I use my Singtel Prepaid Mobile line overseas?
<p>You can check local call and SMS rates under Rates on the Prepaid Mobile Cards page.</p><p>If you are overseas, you can also dial *100# to check the rate.</p>

How do I make an overseas call from Singapore on my Prepaid card?
<p>To make an overseas call, dial 019[Country Code][Area Code][Tel No]. View the rates at <a href="/content/dam/singtel/personal/products-services/mobile/prepaid-plans/prepaid-plans-webpage/04-Rates%2022Jun22.pdf" target="_blank">Overseas Call Rates</a>.</p><p>For higher call quality, use IDD 001. To do so dial +[Country Code][Area Code][Tel No]. View the rates at <a href=/business/products-services/voice-collaboration/international-calling/idd-001.html>IDD 001</a>.</p>

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