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Enjoy these great benefits when you switch to Singtel CIS!

Great savings

with lower monthly fees on up to 3 lines

Exclusive offers

such as handset discounts and value-added services

Convenient sign-ups

at CIS roadshows or at the Online CIS Shop


Make the most out of your mobile

Stay informed, entertained and connected to your loved ones and business partners anytime, anywhere.

Get unlimited data with DATA X INFINITY.

Share your bundle with your loved ones and/or between multiple devices.

Never be without a handset again. Swop or replace when you need to.

Ready Set Roam across multiple destinations with ReadyRoam 1GB 30 Days!

Get additional local data on Singtel WiFi available at more than 1600 hotspots islandwide.

Protect your smartphone against viruses from apps and unprotected WiFi access points.



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Sign up to CIS to enjoy exciting free treats and exclusive deals every month, as well as birthday rewards!

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CIS Plans

Your CIS plan is a Singtel Combo Plan at a lower, customised price.

To find out what mobile monthly rates you may enjoy, please call 1688 or email us.

Combo 1
  • 100 minutes talktime
  • 500 SMS
  • 100MB local data

Combo 2
  • 200 minutes talktime
  • 1000 SMS
  • 2GB local data

Combo 3

Combo 6

Combo 12

*Unlimited calls are capped at 10,000 local minutes, unlimited SMS/MMS is capped at 10,000. Excess charges apply thereafter. To ensure that the activities of some users do not impair the ability of Customers to have access to reliable services, this service is conditional on fair usage by Customers.

^Promotion ends 25 April 2018. Click here for full Terms and Conditions

View general mobile terms and conditions here.


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Buy at the Online CIS Shop.

Or call our hotline (9am – 9pm daily) to sign up.

Or shorten your waiting time at any Singtel Retail Shop by booking an advanced eAppointment via My Singtel app: Go to ‘More’, then select ‘eAppointment’ to book.

Enquire about CIS

If your company is not yet enrolled, kindly click the button below to enroll and we will respond

within 2 working days. Your company should have minimum staff strength of 200 in Singapore.


For other enquiries, you may:

Call our hotline (8am – 10pm daily).

Or enquire and we'll respond in 2 working days.

About Singtel CIS

  1. What is Singtel CIS?
    Designed to benefit employees of participating companies in Singapore, Singtel Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) provides exclusive perks such as device and price plan discounts and value-added services. Each employee from the participating company can sign up to 3 CIS lines.
  2. Am I eligible for Singtel CIS? How do I know if my company is enrolled?

    To be eligible, you need to be at least 18 years of age.

    To check if your company is enrolled to the Singtel CIS scheme, you may:

  3. My company is currently not in the CIS programme. How can I enrol my company?
    We look forward to have you on-board Singtel CIS! Your company should have minimum staff strength of 200 in Singapore. Kindly fill in this form and we will respond within 2 working days.
  4. What is the discount offered on the monthly subscriptions for my company?

    To check on the discounts that you can enjoy, please reach us at any of the following:

Signing up for CIS

  1. How do I apply for a line under Singtel CIS?

    You can apply online at our Singtel Online CIS Shop by logging in with your corporate email address. If you do not have a corporate email address, please call our sales hotline at 1609.

    Alternatively, visit us at any Singtel Retail Shop or Singtel Exclusive Retailer

    Please bring along:

    Nationality Documents Required
    For Singapore Citizen or
    Permanent Resident
    • NRIC
    • Staff Pass/Pay Slip/Company HR Authorisation Letter/CPF Statement
    For Foreigner
    (Employment Pass Holder)
    • Employment Pass (at least 12 months’ validity)
    • Staff Pass/Pay Slip/Company HR Authorisation Letter
    • Work Permit Pass (at least 12 months’ validity and a deposit is required)
    • Staff Pass/Pay Slip/Company HR Authorisation Letter
  2. What are the latest CIS promotions?
    Please click on the “Promotions” tab in this website for the latest promotions.
  3. How do I convert/port-in my line to Singtel CIS?

    Conversion for your Personal Line

    Here are the guidelines and conversion rates that apply. Note that early device upgrade fees may apply.

    Contract Status of Personal line CIS Conversion Allowed?
    Within 1st month Yes, a conversion fee of $80.25 (incl. GST) applies.
    Between 2nd and 5th month No, you are not eligible to convert to CIS.
    Between 6th and 11th month Yes, a conversion fee of $80.25 (incl. GST) applies with a new 24-month equipment contract. Early device upgrade fee of $500 applies. 
    Between 12th and 17th month
    Yes, a conversion fee of $80.25 (incl. GST) applies with a new 24-month equipment contract. Early device upgrade fee of $350 applies. 
    Between 18th and 20th month
    Yes, a conversion fee of $80.25 (incl. GST) applies with a new 24-month equipment contract. Early device upgrade fee of $200 applies.
    Between 21st and 24th month Yes, a conversion fee of $80.25 (incl. GST) applies with a new 24-month equipment contract.
    When your current contract ends Yes. There is no conversion fee and a new 24-month equipment contract is required.


    Conversion for Friends and Family

    As a CIS customer, you can subscribe up to 3 CIS lines (a 24-month equipment contract will apply for each line). Simply transfer their ownership of the line to you. Kindly note that a transfer fee of $21.40 applies. For your convenience, you can choose to have a different billing address for each CIS subscription that is in your name.

    Port-in Line

    You can switch your mobile line to Singtel and retain the same mobile number by porting your line from your current provider.

    To do so, please do not terminate your existing mobile service. To ensure a successful switch, please clear all outstanding bills and ensure that you do not have any binding contract with the other providers.

    For more information regarding porting your number, please refer to <15. Port-in Service> on the Mobile Terms and Conditions page.

  4. What is the administrative charge for customers who recontract?

    A $10.70 administrative service charge applies when recontracting on any Combo Mobile Plan with a subsidized handset. 

    This administrative charge will be waived for customers who recontract at Online CIS Shop.

  5. Can I subscribe to a CIS plan without purchasing a mobile phone?
    A mobile phone purchase with a 24-month equipment contract is required to sign up on a plan.
  6. What devices are available, how much are they, and are they in stock?
    For stock availability and device pricing, please visit our Online CIS Shop  . Alternatively, please visit any of our Singtel Retail Shops or Singtel Exclusive Retailers.
  7. How do I check my contract eligibility?

    You can easily check your contract eligibility using any of the following methods:

    1. Login to https://myaccount.singtel.com/login.aspx  with
      your Singtel OnePass account. On the right side of your mobile number, click on ‘Show details and usage’ followed by 'Show contract end date.'
    2. Download My Singtel app –
      select ‘View Your Plan’ under the Mobile tab to view your re-contract status. 
    3. Dial *1626 and select option 2 on the automated SMS response.
  8. Can I re-contract early?

    Yes, you are able to re-contract as early as 6 months into your current contract. The following device upgrade charges will apply.

    Current contract period Early device upgrade fee
    Between 6th & 11th month  $500
    Between 12th & 17th month  $350
    Between 18th & 20th month
  9. Can I downgrade or terminate my CIS subscription if it is still in contract?
    Yes, you can. Please call 1688 (Mon –Sun, 8am – 10pm) for more details. Do note that a downgrade fee applies if your mobile line is still in contract.

Online CIS Shop

  1. What are the benefits of buying online?
    You can enjoy the following online exclusive benefits:
    • Free Caller ID for 24 months (worth $128.40) 
    • $30 off handsets 
    • Waiver of admin fee (worth $10.70) for re-contracting customers
  2. Can I buy online?

    Click here for the step-by-step guide

    If you do not have a corporate email address, you may speak to our chat agents (9am to 11pm) available here. Or, call our sales hoteline at 1609 (9am to 9pm, excluding Public Holidays). 

  3. I don’t have a corporate email address. How can I enjoy the online promotions?
  4. What documents do I need to sign up for CIS online?
    For Singtel Online CIS Shop, please provide electronic copies of your NRIC and proof of employment (Staff Pass/Pay Slip/company HR Authorisation Letter/CPF Statement).
  5. What are the available delivery options for my mobile purchase made online?

    For online purchases at Singtel.com, you can choose the following delivery options: 

    • Delivery to preferred address
    • Self-collection at Singtel Retail Shops (Available for re-contracting customers)
    • Self-collection at POPStations (Available for re-contracting customers)

    You will not be able to change delivery methods once you have confirmed your order. 

  6. Why am I unable to select POPStation option for online purchase?
    POPStation collection are only available for re-contracting customers who have completed their purchase through Singtelshop.com. Customers who have selected to trade-in their device will not be applicable for these options as well.
  7. What is the delivery charge for online purchase?
    We are waiving the cost of self-collection at your selected POPStation on a promotional basis. For home delivery, a fee of $15.00 (inclusive of GST) will be added to the total amount upon checkout.
  8. Can I change my order details after my transaction has been completed?

    You will not be able to change your order details after confirming your order. This includes change of handset model, colour, capacity, price plan or payment method. For further assistance, please call 1688.

    If you would like to view or amend your add-on services, simply log in to:

    o   My Singtel app
    Under the ‘Mobile’ tab, click on ‘Browse Add-ons’

    o   My Account
    Click on the service number you wish to view.

    View ‘My Add-ons’ or amend them by clicking on ‘Manage Add-ons’>

    Early termination charges may apply.

  9. What if the device I have received is faulty?

    For faulty mobile phones except iPhones and Xiaomi phones
    purchased at Singtel.com, please contact our After-sales Assistance hotline at 6509 3088 within 7 days of receiving your device to arrange for one-to-one exchange. Alternatively, you may visit your nearest Singtel Shop and speak to our staff.

    Cautionary advice: Before activating your phone, please check for any physical defects (example, cracks, scratches) on the phone. Should there be any defect, call 1688 for further assistance. Kindly note that Singtel cannot provide any exchange of phone with any physical defects once it has been activated and you would need to visit the respective Authorized Service Providers for assistance.

    One-to-one exchange is only for devices assess by Singtel in its opinion to be faulty or contain a functional failure (hardware failure or malfunction).

    For iPhones with hardware issues, please visit the following Apple Authorized Service Providers.

    For Xiaomi with hardware issues, please visit the following Xiaomi Service Centre.

  10. When transacting online, why I don’t see the applicable handset discount?
    If applicable, the handset discount will be automatically applied
    at the checkout page, after you have logged in to OnePass.
  11. When transacting online, why am I being charged for Caller ID and AutoRoam at the checkout page?
    This waiver will be reflected in your first or second bill. You may proceed to complete your transaction online.
  12. I am unable to submit my order and am prompted an error message and/or feedback form. What should I do?
    If you do not have a corporate email address, you may speak to our chat agents (9am to 11pm) available here . Or, call our sales hoteline at 1609 (9am to 9pm, excluding Public Holidays).
  13. What is Singtel OnePass?
    Singtel OnePass is a single online identity (login) and password that allows you to make purchases on Singtelshop.com as well as to access various Singtel websites seamlessly (i.e. My Account, Singtel Rewards, Singtel myBill). You may sign up for a Singtel OnePass account here .
  14. I am an existing Multi-SIM customer and would like to re-contract my line. What will happen to my plan when I do so?

    You will be prompted a request to change your existing
    SIM card.

    • If you select ‘Yes’ – You will be able to re-contract your Multi-SIM plan. Do note that a one-time charge of $38.45 for the new SIM card will apply.
    • If you select ‘No’ – You will be able to re-contract your Multi-SIM plan and retain your existing SIM card.


  1. Can my CIS subscription be counted as a line for the Mobile Multi-Line nomination?
    Yes, you can. If you have signed up for the Fibre Entertainment Bundle+, you will be able to enjoy mobile benefits of bundling. This means your CIS line can be included in the bundle (of up to 5 mobile lines) to enjoy savings on the non-CIS mobile subscriptions. However, the CIS line cannot be nominated as the key line to enjoy the early handset upgrade.
  2. Is my CIS line valid for early handset upgrade for Singtel Circle?
    CIS line can be counted as a mobile line count for Singtel Circle. You will be able to enjoy benefits such as free local data on Sunday. However, CIS line cannot be nominated as the key line to enjoy early handset upgrade.
  3. I am an existing Multi-SIM customer, can I sign-up for additional SIM card?
    The sale of new Multi-SIM plans have been discontinued and hence, you will not be able to sign-up for an additional SIM card. You may want to consider signing up for a MobileShare Supplementary Plan instead.