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Here's how StepUp works

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StepUp is free and available to all Singtel Postpaid mobile customers on My Singtel app

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Start walking and sync your steps daily to earn points

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Accumulate points to redeem monthly rewards such as free data and more

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Join challenges for additional rewards!

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Need more information?

What’s the difference between StepUp and other wellness programs?
StepUp is Singtel’s flagship wellness program found in My Singtel app. StepUp encourages our customers to improve their overall well-being, starting with steps. To motivate our customers and celebrate their wellness achievements, StepUp users will have the opportunity to redeem lifestyle rewards, participate in unique partner challenges and redeem up to 3GB of mobile data a month.
Who is eligible to earn free data and rewards with StepUp?
All Singtel Postpaid mobile customers are eligible except for the following lines:<br><br>a. EasyMobile line<br>b. Singtel Connected Things line<br>c. MobileShare Supplementary line<br>d. Business Registered Number
How do I activate StepUp to start getting free data?
Firstly, please ensure My Singtel app on your phone is of the latest version. For StepUp to identify your mobile number, cellular needs to be switched on and WiFi switched off, when you open My Singtel app.<br></br>After which, you may view our <a href="">onboarding video</a> for a step-by-step guide on how to activate StepUp.
How often do I need to sync my steps to the StepUp dashboard?
We recommend syncing your steps every day! If a daily sync is too frequent, we recommend starting with once a week. <br><br>To sync your steps, simply open My Singtel app, click on the “Sync Steps Daily For Points” button. You will see your steps and corresponding points increase on the StepUp step dashboard.<br></br>For more queries on syncing of steps, visit our <a href=>FAQ on step syncing</a>.
How do I earn points?
Step & sync daily. Open My Singtel app, click on the StepUp step counter bar to log in, sync your step count to the step dashboard. Sync your steps daily to acquire points daily.<br>a) 2,500 steps, gets you 10 points<br>b) 5,000 steps, gets you another 20 points<br>c) 7,500 steps, gets you another 30 points<br>d) 10,000 steps, gets you another 40 points<br>Maximum points you can achieve in one day is 100 points.<br>Redeem your points monthly as they expire each end of the month.
What can I do with the points I’ve earned?
The points you have earned may be redeemed for rewards in each month. Please redeem your points for rewards by the last day of every calendar month. Your accumulated points will be reset to 0 on the first day of the next month.<br><br>You will be able to redeem 1GB local data reward for every 1000 points you earn during the month. Walk more and redeem this data reward up to 3 times in a month. Stay tuned as we bring you more rewards for redemption!
How do I redeem a reward?
Once you login to StepUp, you will be notified if you have sufficient points to redeem a reward. Simply click on the reward item and click “REDEEM”.
When do I get my data reward?
Once redeemed, the corresponding data allowance will be provisioned to your mobile number during your billing cycle that starts in the next calendar month.
Can I check my data reward in My Singtel app?
Yes. Please check your data allowance reward from StepUp in My Singtel app by clicking on the mobile data usage bar which will display “StepUp 1GB Local Data”. Note that once redeemed, the corresponding data allowance will be provisioned to your mobile number during your billing cycle that starts in the next calendar month.
Can I redeem my data reward for my friends or family?
No. In StepUp, your data reward is not transferable. You have walked hard for the reward, so enjoy it!Anyway, no worries! You can get transferable data reward if you participate in AIA challenge!
I have redeemed a data reward but have not received my data provisioned to my mobile number, what should I do now?
Do note that once redeemed, the corresponding data allowance will be provisioned to your mobile number during your billing cycle that starts in the next calendar month. Please check the provisioning time details in your prize redemption history. <br><br>If you still haven’t received your data reward, please message us via My Singtel app to inform us of your mobile number and redemption date.
I received an error message on StepUp, what should I do?
You might receive StepUp error messages depending on your mobile device and its operating system.<br>For your convenience, here is a list of common <a href=>StepUp error messages </a> and how to resolve them.

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