How do I send money using hi!App?
You need to register with a Dash Remit account to send money.
How do I sign up for this remittance service?
Log in to hi!App > Click on ‘Send Money’ at Balance tab > Click on 'Create Dash account' > Enter details required (have your ID ready!). Upon successful submission of documents, you will receive confirmation of Dash account creation within 5-7 working days.
Do I need both hi!App and Singtel Dash apps to use this remittance service?
No, you don't need to have both apps. You can remit on either hi!App or Singtel Dash app. You can log in to your existing Dash account on hi!App with your Singtel Prepaid mobile number to remit.
I don’t have a Singtel Prepaid number, can I still remit?
A Singtel Prepaid mobile number is required to remit on hi!App. For other mobile operators, you can register with Dash and use Singtel Dash app to remit.
What’s the difference between hi!App Dash Remit and Singtel Dash app?
hi!App is for Singtel Prepaid mobile customers and Dash app is for all mobile operators. Singtel Prepaid users can use hi!App to check balance, top up and remit money conveniently in one app. Singtel Dash app can be used for payments to local merchants, overseas transfers etc.
What kind of rewards/perks will I receive on hi!App and Singtel Dash app?
On hi!App, you will get 1GB data for first remittance transaction and 50 hi!Rewards coins for every remittance transaction. hi!Rewards coins can be used to redeem benefits in the Rewards tab in hi!App.On Singtel Dash app, you will receive Dash Reward points for every remittance transaction or payment. The reward points can be used to redeem for vouchers in the Dash Rewards catalogue.

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