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What is Singtel Apple Carrier Billing?
As a Singtel mobile subscriber, you can charge your purchases for apps, games, music, movies, iCloud and more from the App Store and iTunes through your mobile monthly bill. <br/>This service is provided for post-paid subscribers.
How do I set up Apple Carrier Billing to my Singtel mobile bill?
First, you need to sign-up for an Apple ID.Go to website at to find out more.
What devices support Apple Carrier Billing?
If you have Carrier Billing set up, you can make purchases on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Mac, PC, and Android. <br/>You just need to be signed in with their Apple ID. That’s the important part. <br/>For more information, visit
Who do I contact if I have a question about something that I purchased on App Store or iTunes Store using Singtel Carrier Billing?
Please contact Apple Support team at for purchase enquiry. <br/>You will need your Order ID on Singtel mobile bill to check on the transaction with Apple Support team.
What are the kind of purchases from the App Store and iTunes that I can charge to my Singtel mobile bill?
Only digital or virtual goods are eligible for Singtel Carrier Billing. <br/>Examples of digital goods include: <br/>• Paid app purchase• In-app purchases • Movies from Apple TV• Subscriptions and memberships1. Apple Music Subscriptions2. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions3. In-app subscriptions for content or services (Netflix, New York Times and etc)
How will the charge look like on my bill?
It will appear under “Bill on Behalf Goods/Services” section in your mobile bill. You will see the Order ID and the corresponding charges will be displayed in your bill. <br/>You will see the billing description with “App Store/iTunes”.
How do I stop paying via Singtel Carrier Billing on App Store or iTunes Store?
To stop charging via Singtel Carrier Billing, follow the steps below: <br/> 1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. 2. Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID. You might be asked to authenticate your Apple ID.3. Tap Payment Information.4. Under the list of payment options, select None.
I accidentally purchased an app that I do not want; can I stop the charges from being billed?
Please contact Apple Support team at for purchase enquiry. <br/>You will need your Order ID on Singtel mobile bill to check on the transaction with Apple Support team.
If I purchase an app and accidentally delete if off my phone and try to download/purchase it again, will I be charged a second time?
As long as you use the same Apple ID that you used for downloading the app initially, you will not be charged for re-downloading the app again (even when switching device).
If I have purchased an application via the App Store, can I switch my SIM card to other devices and enjoy the app without having to purchase and pay again? How many devices can I do this for?
Your application purchases are tied to your Apple ID and can be installed an unlimited amount of times on any devices.
Why am I no longer able to charge my purchases to my Singtel mobile bill?
If you encounter any transaction error for the first time, please check that Singtel Carrier Billing is enabled and set-up successfully on your Apple ID.<br/>To verify this, you will see a "Verified" icon beside your mobile number in the Payment Information within Account Settings on your phone.
Can I purchase apps that are not in Singapore Dollar (SGD) via carrier billing?
All apps and in-app purchases via carrier billing should be charged in SGD on your Singtel monthly mobile bill.
How can I request refund for purchases through Singtel Carrier Billing?
Please contact Apple Support at <br/>You can submit your refund request via email to Apple or chat with an Apple Support staff online.
How long will it take for my refund to be processed?
Apple will handle your refund request and need to understand your reason for refund, your Apple ID (email address) and Order ID for which you are requesting refund. <br/>Singtel will be notified by Apple and Singtel will process the refund request charged to your Singtel mobile bill. <br/>It will take at least 2 billing cycle for bill adjustment to be reflected on the customer’s bill. <br/>
How can I stop/cancel Singtel Carrier Billing charges? (PRS and non-PRS barring)
To activate PRS barring, please access this link<br/>For non-PRS barring, please call 1688 (Singtel Customer Service hotline) and request for assistance.

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