How do I add a mobile line nomination for my bundle plan?
<p>Mobile Line Nomination can be made online at <a href=""/>Mobile Line Nomination</a>.</p><br><p>Mobile Line Nomination is only available for:</p><br><ul><li>Fibre Entertainment Bundle</li><li>Fibre Entertainment Bundle+</li><li>Fibre Home Bundle</li>
When can I recontract my plan?
<p>You can check your recontract eligibility via <a href="">My Account</a>.</p><p>For postpaid mobile plans, you can also check your recontract eligibility via <a href="">My Singtel</a> app. An early device upgrade fee will apply if you are recontracting less than 21 months into your contract.</p><p>For all services, a downgrade penalty will apply if you changing to a lower tier plan before your contract ends.</p>
How do I transfer ownership for my Singtel services?
<p>For <b>postpaid mobile plans</b>, visit My Account and select ‘Transfer Ownership’. The other party must have an OnePass account to make the transfer.</p><br><p>For <b>all other services</b>, visit any <a href="">Singtel Shop</a> to make the transfer. Both parties must be present with personal identification documents.</p>
What documents are needed for a transfer of ownership for my Singtel services?
<p>Both parties will need to bring their original personal identification documents for a transfer of ownership.</p><br><p>If the transferee is a foreigner, they will also need:</p><br><ul><li>Employment Pass/Work Permit/Social or Dependent Pass with at least 6 months validity to the date of expiry</li><li>Purchase Agreement/Tenancy Letter (with proof of occupancy for more than 6 months)</li><li>Passport</li></ul>
How do I sign up for a Singtel plan while retaining my existing mobile number from another local service provider?
<p>When signing up for a postpaid mobile plan at or at any Singtel Shop, you can opt to retain your existing mobile number when prompted to choose a number.</p><p>You may experience a service disruption on the day of the port-in, however Singtel will try to minimize the inconvenience by only provisioning the port-in during off-peak hours. An SMS notification will be sent to inform you of the date of your port-in.</p>

Usage and charges

How do I check my outstanding balance for my Singtel account?
<p>You can check your outstanding balance through one of the following:</p><ul><li><a href=""/>My Account</a><br>Login to your account and view the balance amount on the Summary page.</li><li><a href="​"/>My Singtel</a> app<br>Check under Bills tab for outstanding balance and due date.</li></ul>
How can I check my data usage?
<p>You can check your <b>local data usage</b> through one of the following:</p><ul><li><a href=""/>My Singtel</a> app<br>Found under the 'Usage' tab.</li><li><a href=""/>My Account</a><br>Click ‘Show details and usage’ for the line you want to check</li><li>Dial *3282 with your Singtel mobile line.</li></ul><p>To check on your <b>roaming data usage</b>, please check through My Singtel app, under ‘Roaming’.</p>

Roaming (Traveling Overseas)

How can I use my Singtel Mobile Postpaid line overseas?
<p>To use your Singtel postpaid mobile line while overseas, you must first subscribe to either AutoRoam or activate Pay-As-U-Roam, after which you can subscribe to SMSVoiceRoam and DataRoam Plans for value roaming options.</p><p>Subscribe to these roaming add-ons via:</p><ul><li><a herf=””/>My Account</a></li><li><a href=””/>My Singtel</a> app</li><li>Dial *100# when overseas</li><ul>
Why are my roaming charges more than expected?
<p>You might have unexpected roaming charges due to the following:</p><ul><li>You may have unknowingly accessed content that needs an internet connection through data roaming.</li><li>If you were on a data roaming plan, you might have switched to a non-preferred network automatically. To prevent this in future, change your network settings to manual selection in your phone’s settings.</li></ul>
Will there be any charges if I receive a call when I am overseas?
<p>Yes, there will be charges incurred for receiving and making calls overseas. Visit <a href=””/>Roaming Rates</a> to find out about roaming rates in your destination country.</p><p>Alternatively, do check out Singtel's <a href=""/>SMSVoiceRoam Plans</a> to enjoy cost savings.

Calling Overseas (IDD Calls)

How do I make an overseas call from Singapore on my Singtel postpaid mobile or Singtel home line?
<p>Any of the following Singtel IDD services allows you to make an overseas call from Singapore:</p><ul><li>v019<br/>Overseas calls at attractive low rates</li><li>IDD 001<br/>High call quality at reasonable rates</li></ul><p>These calling services are available at your convenience and do not require subscription, but need to be activated for your line.</p>
How can I activate my Singtel IDD services?
The steps to activate your Singtel IDD services depends on your service provider:<ul><li>If you are applying for your Singtel mobile or fixed line, call 1688</li><li>If you are applying for your StarHub or M1 line, call 104</li></ul>

Lost or Stolen Phones

I have lost my mobile phone. What should I do, and how can I get a replacement SIM Card?
Call our hotline 1688 (or +65 6235 1688 if calling from overseas) immediately to report the loss. The mobile line will be temporarily disconnected to prevent unauthorised calls. Our Customer Care officers will also advise you on how you can request a replacement SIM Card.

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