Other unbeatable Tourist SIM Cards with 100GB 4G Data.

$15 hi!Tourist SIM Card

For short stay

$12 hi!Tourist SIM Card

For short stay

$30 hi!Tourist SIM Card

For longer stay
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$50 hi!Tourist SIM Card

For longer stay
*Only available online with FREE delivery.

Hop on bus and train rides too with the $15 hi!Tourist 2-in-1 SIM Card.

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hi!Tourist SIM Card

How do I check balance and validity for the SIM?
You can download hi!App (free access) or go to hi.singtel.com (free access) or call *100*1# to check your SIM card balance and expiry.
How do I call overseas?
Dial <strong>019 &lt;Country Code&gt;&lt;Area Code&gt;&lt;Tel. No.&gt;</strong>
What if I have a problem with Internet access?
Simply ensure that your setting for APN (Access Point Name) is set to hicard in your phone’s internet settings.
Where can I find Singtel WiFi hotspot locations?
You can seamlessly connect from 4G to Singtel WiFi for your internet usage at places such as popular shopping malls, MRT stations, Food Republic and McDonald's restaurants.<br><br>Click <a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/products-services/broadband/singtel-wifi" target="_blank">here</a> to check the nearest Singtel WiFi hotspot.
How do I use data overseas?
DataRoam bundled with your hi!Tourist SIM is activated immediately upon registration of SIM card and valid for use before expiration date.<br><br>If you need more data overseas, you can go to hi!App or hi.singtel.com to purchase hi!DataRoam Plans. When overseas, call *100# to activate your DataRoam Plans within 30 days from purchase. For more information on hi!DataRoam rates, click <a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/products-services/mobile/prepaid-plans/hi-dataroam-packs">here</a>.

EZ-Link Card

What is an EZ-Link card and where can it be used?
The EZ-Link card is a contactless stored value card used mainly for public transit in Singapore. It is accepted on all public buses, MRT/LRT and selected taxis. It is also accepted as a mode of payment at more than 30,000 merchant acceptance points island-wide.<br><br>For a full list of acceptance points, please visit <a href="https://www.ezlink.com.sg/use-your-ez-link-card/where-to-use" target="_blank">here</a>.
Where do I top up my EZ-Link card?
You can top up EZ-Link cards at all General Ticketing Machines at bus interchanges and train stations, TransitLink Ticket Offices, 7-Eleven and many other selected top-up points in Singapore.<br><br>For a full listing, please visit <a href="https://www.ezlink.com.sg/top-up-your-ez-link/islandwide-top-up-points" target="_blank">here</a>.
What is the validity of an EZ-Link card?
Each EZ-Link card has a validity of 5 years from the date of encoding.
What if I lose my EZ-Link card? Is it refundable?
The hi!Tourist EZ-Link SIM Card once sold, are non-refundable or exchangeable for cash or any product. There will be no refund for all EZ-Link card costs and any unused value upon card loss, damage or expiry. You are responsible for the safe-keeping and usage of your hi!Tourist EZ-Link SIM card.

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