Account & Appointment

How do I check my scheduled installation timing?
<p>At <a href="">Check your Singtel Appointment</a>, you can check the details of your installation appointment. Your assigned engineer details will also be available on the day of your appointment.</p>
How can I change my installation appointment?
<p>You can change your Singtel installation appointment at <a href=""/>My Account</a> (under ‘My Appointments’).</p><p>Appointment changes can only be made at least 2 days before your appointment.</p><p>For change of NetLink Trust appointments, please call 1688.</p>
When can I recontract my plan?
<p>You can check your recontract eligibility via <a href="">My Account</a>.</p><p>For postpaid mobile plans, you can also check your recontract eligibility via <a href="">My Singtel</a> app. An early device upgrade fee will apply if you are recontracting less than 21 months into your contract.</p><p>For all services, a downgrade penalty will apply if you changing to a lower tier plan before your contract ends.</p>
How do I transfer ownership for my Singtel services?
<p>For <b>postpaid mobile plans</b>, visit My Account and select ‘Transfer Ownership’. The other party must have an OnePass account to make the transfer.</p><br><p>For <b>all other services</b>, visit any <a href="">Singtel Shop</a> to make the transfer. Both parties must be present with personal identification documents.</p>
I want to change/reset my broadband/WiFi password.
<p>Your default WiFi password can be found on a sticker at the side or bottom of your modem.</p><p>If you wish to change your WiFi password, visit <a href=""></a> to view your router configuration page.</p><p>Check under 'Wireless' and change either your 'WPA Pre Shared Key' or your 'Network Key'.</p>
I'm moving and need to relocate my services. How do I inform Singtel?
<p>You'll want to submit your relocation request 2-3 weeks in advance as appointment slots are subject to availability.</p><p>Submit your request through:</p><ul><li><a href="">My Account</a></li><li><a href="">Our online webform</a></li><li> Calling 1688 (Relocation Hotline Operation Hours: Mon-Sat 8.30am-6pm)</li></ul>
I cannot connect to the internet. What should I do?
You can troubleshoot your internet connectivity issues using our <a href="">step-by-step guide</a>.

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